Our Company

Phonegroup is actively involved in wholesale and retail voice business. The company was founded from a management with years of experience in the voice market.
Versatility of the offered VoIP terminations allows us to be pointed towards partner’s needs. We are able to work on direct terminations, top quality routes and personalized routes to offer a perfect mix between price and quality.

Innovation of the technical infrastructure, developed in strict collaboration with our technical partner Callcom, is one of our main characteristics; our software and systems for the voice transit are flexible and fully developed for the quality control of VoIP terminations with sophisticated quality warnings.

Phonegroup has a wide range of constant-improving services to meet any need for any customer. Checking our offerings, most interesting products are: A-Z Termination, VoIP Wholesale, VoIP Retail and CLI Routes and Phone Center traffic.

We have been selected as a partner by numerous Tier 1 international carriers, corporate carriers and residential VoIP businesses; so wholesale carriers and VoIP retail providers can take advantage of our telecom services and grow up with us. You can confidently expect more smart innovations and useful solutions for your future needs.